Sunday, December 12, 2010

Shirley Loves a Man In Tights

I always try & be organised.  I think I am but when it comes to it, I always feel unorganised.
Shirley had a well planned photo shoot yesterday- tights & leggings inside shoot & then to a well chosen location for the rest of the shoot.
The weather had other ideas so the whole thing was done in a smallish room that had to accommodate models, sets, photographer, hairdresser, an interested poodle, makeup & me running around trying to make it all work while keeping everyone hydrated , making sure there were snacks & styling the outfits.
With the light ever fading,  the whole operation moved onto my front deck.
People had to climb over each other, furniture& the dog. David, now finished with his modelling assignment, did a wonderful job of holding the light.  Daniel, ever diligent,  leaped in to adjust the hair.  Tracey & Cammie perched precariously on the railing did a brilliant job of not falling off.  Reuben, photographer extraordinaire, battling bad light & obstacles , clicked away for nearly four hours straight.

Needless to say I am extremely proud of them all & extremely grateful for their work.
It wasn't the most difficult shoot that ever there was  but it certainly wasn't the easiest & there was not one complaint or sour note from anyone.  Oh except maybe me who seemed to be the only one tripping over things & constantly misplacing my glasses.

When I remembered, I managed to take some candid shots behind the scenes to share with you.
Photographer- Reuben Warburton
Models- David Ryan, Cammie Nott, Tracey Warburton
Hair & Makeup- Daniel Kelly
A Shirley Fracture Couture Production


  1. Well done everyone! You'll probably have to get used to indoor shoots this summer, good luck :)

  2. Thanks Debbie & you've popped the comments cherry, haha, excellent. xx