Saturday, April 9, 2016


Shirley Fracture Couture Flower Power Love top & Scouts collar & lead

SFC upcycled denim Sex & Candy pants

Photography Steph Doran

Human model Sam Frew, Elite Model Management

Canine model Scout my sisters dog, rescued at Noahs Bark Dog Rescue

MUA Maria Irving

Hair Serena Martin

shoes Preston Zly

email for any enquiries

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Shirley Where Art Thou

Looking back over past blogs I often start by saying 'it's been so long since I blogged'.  Well I have to say it again, it's been two years......

I've been quietly working away here in Melbourne, quietly waiting to 'crack' it........I've decided at the moment not to try & put out seasonal collections but to just concentrate on doing really good work that people will like or dare I say.... love (hence the relevance of the video selection).

So I thought it's about time to show you what I've been up to lately.  These are (low res.) images of some of my latest work.  
The photographer is Steph Doran of,
 the human model is Sam Frew,  Elite Model Management,
the canine model is rescued dog Scout from Noahs Bark Dog Rescue,
MUA is Maria Irving, 
& Hair by Serena Martin, 
shoes supplied by Preston Zly (unless stated otherwise),
Assistant to Shirley Fracture Couture & mother of Scout, is Debra Nicholl.

Also worth mentioning, my label has a split personality, there's the leg wear, the couture & the up-cycled (also recently dabbled in some baby fashion which I've called sfc smalls)so I'll let you know what you are looking at.  The couture is Shirley Fracture Couture, the leg wear Shirley Fracture & the up-cycled I refer to as SFC but it's all under the umbrella of Shirley Fracture Couture so....confusing?..Hopefully not too much so.

In this first image you will see pants & top by Shirley Fracture Couture.  These shoes from Preston Zly of Melbourne were so delicious I wanted to eat them.

Next we have the Flower Power Love suit by Shirley Fracture Couture.
The fabric is hand painted Italian Crepe.  There are no seams at the front of these high waisted, wide legged pants, & they are lined with creamy cool satin as is the jacket which has covered buttons & little tulle tutus in the top of the sleeve.  'Shirley' is down with details & quality.

Here is the Flower Power Love top, hand painted Italian Crepe, covered buttons, sleeve tutus, paired with hand painted, up-cycled, SFC denim long shorts.  Scouts lead & collar also by Shirley Fracture Couture.  Scout is a rescued dog that now has a wonderful forever home & this is close to my heart as I spent a year as a foster carer in Brisbane & it was one of the best things I have ever done, if you love dogs & your living situation is suitable, I would recommend doing it.                                                                                                                                                

Here we have an up-cycled denim Wish jacket I call the Sex & Candy jacket.  It has hand painted sparkly roses with black metal studs for thorns.  I love a good bomber.   On the legs are hand painted tights by Shirley Fracture of course.  

Full frontal view of the Sex & Candy jacket, The Fractured Pop tights & one of the hand painted 'Do What Though Wilt' vintage cotton 'beater'.  There is a series of these .

Next is these hand painted Sparkle Poodle Love leggings by Shirley Fracture & the Swirly Love chiffon top by Shirley Fracture Couture.

The Shirley Fracture Couture Swirly Love top has a hand painted panel, the front of this has double panels & it has covered buttons of course.  The Big Love skirt is hand dyed, & hand painted cotton.  

Another fabulous shot of the Big Love skirt & Swirly Love top by Shirley Fracture Couture.  The 'spider web' shoes are so gorgeous & intricate, I just fell in love with them.

Up-cycled vintage Lee denim jacket, Peace & Love is hand painted & studded by SFC.  The Pinkie Love leggings are hand dyed & feature hand sewn sequin flamingos by Shirley Fracture Couture.  

And lastly but not least, a shot featuring two of the best models, so professional & wonderful to work with (as was the whole team).  Scout is snuggling in the Peace & Love jacket & Sam is rocking the Louis Louis Love leggings that are hand dyed, hand painted by Shirley Fracture Couture (shoes here are models own)  Some of you may recognise the Louis Louis design, I've used it before but it's a great design that I love & is dedicated to my first black toy boy, my first poodle Louis. 

So that's some of what I've been up to. There is still so much to do, to achieve.  I have so many designs to bring to life, so much to learn still. I've been working on new hosiery designs for the winter.    I really hope y'all like what you see here though & I'd love to read your thoughts/comments.

You can go check out my webatorium to get yourself some 'Shirley' at  & you can get your hands on a selection of my leg wear at in.cube8r gallery at 321 Smith St., Fitzroy  & for any inquiries you can email