Sunday, December 26, 2010

Post Haste

Well, that's done then for another year.  A lot of fuss & over so quickly.  I'm no scrooge however.  Usually I do love Christmas.  It means family (and I love my family), food & drink & pressies.  I may give a quick thought to peace on earth etc. but I'm not a follower of the bible & wish for peace on earth all year long.

This year was the third only, in the history of my family that we were not all together.  We've been spread out over the country & the globe before & managed to get together but not this year.  It's cool though, the first one was hard but I've got it now.

I did host a Xmas day breakfast though for a few friends & I believe they were all suitably sated.  Now to the point of this post...I've been holding onto some pics as they were for a Chrissie present for someone, a custom order, but now it's a done deal, I can share some more behind the scene pics from the recent photo shoot.
100%cotton hand dyed & painted by Shirley Fracture C.

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