Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Reborn Again

I've got a few days where I'm not scheduled every minute so am taking the chance to catch up with blogging, tidying & contemplating in general where I'm headed.  I know I'm winding things down for the year & making plans for the coming year & I know I'm determined to have fun for the rest of the year.

Apart from Shirley I have two other jobs so that's three, & none of them pay, in fact two of them cost me money to do.  Some people may think that's crazy but I have to do what I'm passionate about & what I enjoy & at this point in time these things are more important.  Although that said, I think I need a job, haha. Just  couple of days a week would be good, doing what though I do not know, any offers, haha.

Something a bit different for the music selection for this post but Alina has been very cool letting me use her music for my little videos & other helpful things.  Not only is she  talented singer but also writes articles for New York Times & has books published, an interesting person worth checking out for yourself.  Basically she rocks & 'Shirley' loves women who rock.  (Take note of this it will be important later)

Just did the last shoot for this year, a capsule summer collection.  I really wanted the focus to be on fun & wanted a stress free shoot which is what I got thanks to the dream team of tog Josie Richardson   http://josierichardson.squarespace.com/& models Lara Cresser & Heloise - Laure Ruinard (who also did the make up).  And talk about the universe providing...I lost my hair stylist as I had to change days at the last minute & once we got to the location a hairdresser just happened to be there & was happy to help out. She did a great job to, so thanks to Carly Hammond for stepping in then & there.

To top it off we had a fantastic location which really made the whole experience stress free & enjoyable, at Kobblers  https://www.facebook.com/KobblersBardon?fref=ts a cool little joint in the heart of Bardon with the best chocolate milkshakes & coffee.  It really has a great vibe thanks in great part to the owner Scott & is a lot more than  coffee shop.  And thanks to Kat & Kat with assisting us as well.

Here's some behind the scenes shots I took with my crappay little camera, I didn't take many....

We shot with film again & I am cannot wait to get the images back.  Also big thanks to Tattooed Zombie Accessories for providing us with fun bit & bobs.  https://www.facebook.com/tattooedzombieaccessories

Next up for 'Shirley' is the Kustom Krafts market coming up on the 16 th of December at the Sandgate RSL club & it's gonna be big & big fun.   https://www.facebook.com/events/117635981727183/?fref=ts

So if you are looking for a great day out & great shopping....see you there.