Saturday, December 4, 2010

Put Your Money Where Your Mouse Is

I'm a little concerned my first blog post sounds like a marketing ploy & guess is.  I won't insult my readers intelligence by pretending differently & one thing you will always find here is honesty, whether what I have to say is popular or not. 
However, it is also more than that, much, much more.  It is what I am passionate about, what I do, love, believe & live. 
 So, that being said , it is the silly season & there is shopping to do.  
Why not support independent artists & businesses who have been working hard all year making or sourcing unique items that can't be found in every shopping centre.
Buy independent this holiday season & support the people behind the websites & facebook pages you follow/like instead of giving your money to big faceless corporations.
OK, OK, sure Suzie wants the latest computer game & little Jimmy needs the latest phone (based on real people) & that's fine but for the rest, please consider what I'm saying & refer to the title of this post.

Here's a list of some of my favourites( for differing reasons) for your consideration : Miz Smitten Kitten on EBay; Tattooed Zombie Accessories; My Little Rockabilly; Velvet Nightmare; The Zombie Boutique; Cute & Kooky Creations; Hungry Designs; Jubly-Umph & of course Shirley Fracture Couture.

Red & Green - the colours of x-mas & also the colours of madness.
Gorgeous upcycled, hand dyed, painted & beaded 'Louis Louis' vintage slip dresses from Shirley Fracture Couture.
Special thanks to djr of Greenius.

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