Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Too Much Resting

I used a Patti Smith song for the first part of the AW 2011 parade, it wasn't this one but I think this is better to read by.  I know the weekend has come & gone, which is when I said I'd post the rest of this story but.....these things happen.  Here's the next installment.

RESTING PLACE continued. :

Shirley approached a snotty old woman who told her that this was just how it was & always had been.  But Shirley rented the room now & she wanted her privacy.  As they had not been told differently, they intended to keep making their exits through Shirley's room.  He had told her the rent was $50 a night.  Housing was scarce.  She knew that.  This was ridiculous.

After inspecting the contents of her wallet, she was verging on hysteria.  Shirley had run out of options.  She found him in his cabin & he took her to meet the landlady.  Another old person.  Shirley didn't like her chances.  She found her to be different from the others however.  Mentally & physically busy.  Constantly moving.  When she did stop you could still see the movement of blood pumping.  Veins pulsing under skin translucent.  Secrets worth keeping inside that skull.  Shirley told her of the situation with the room.  The landlady's face filled with suspicion.. Shirley could see it rising from her throat until it came out of her ears like steam,  She mumbled 'two or five, two.....'as she took off at speed.  Two being the least expensive.  Shirley found out why.

 The landlady led them to the back garden.  Half way along the path stood a small Tudor style building.  Originally the laundry for the main house & living quarters for the staff,  A happy, loving couple had lived there since being married forty-seven years earlier.  Council wanted it demolished & the cafe next door wanted to extend their car parking.  After a long battle, they are never short, the building, along with the rest, was heritage listed.  Assured of life continuing.  The woman had stopped talking.  Shirley could see her mind still moving.  She was going to offer it to Shirley.  Then said the old couple had recently died & it was already taken.  Why was she lying.....

To be continued.  Please come back now. XX

Friday, June 3, 2011

It's a Shirley Life

Something fantastic to listen to while you are reading.  I used this music for the second part of the fashion parade at 'Shirleys' launch party  in April.  These boys are divine.

If you are new to the life of Shirley, you will have missed the origin story but can catch up by reading earlier blog posts 'Nervous Now' & 'Part 2'.  I know some of you have been waiting patiently for the next installment so I thought I had better get started.  After the unfortunate events at Shirley's home; the break & enter & the intruder; Shirley has sought new accommodation.
 Her story reinforces how glad I am not to have to rent on the private rental market.  Living in a  housing co-operative has its' own unique challenges & speaking plainly, can be a pain in the arse at times but ultimately, it beats renting & Shirleys'  adventures drive this home.

So, here is the next bit.  I will add to & finish it over the weekend.  This is a story in development, it is on the run.  It is called 'Resting Place'.

RESTING PLACE by Kathleen Dittmar

     Shirley decided to stay.  She didn't know why.  He had found it for her.  A room in a rambling, once opulent,  old home.  It fronted the interstate highway.  A 24 hour  blue neon cafe to the left.  Barren, neglected field to the right.  City skyline visible in the distance.  Her room was at the front of the house.  Long & narrow.  Part of the original old ballroom.  Including veranda, built in.  Swishing taffeta ghost noises.  Potent place with its' high ceilings, highly ornate & dusty colours.

Her possessions were few now.  Three television sets, a stereo, records & books in high piles on the floor. Old blue glass kerosene lamp & some outdated clothes.  Shirley would send for the rest when she was settled.
There was the dinner set inherited from her great Aunt Shirl & more in storage.  Possessions had become less important to Shirley, the having of them & the getting of them.

He lived in a rented cabin in a row of log cabins on the lower level of the old estates grounds.  It seemed like a good place to hide.  Shirley stood alone taking in her new room when the back wall seemed to move.  She watched, still somewhat numb,  as a panel in the wall slid aside.  A ramp appeared  & an old woman in a wheelchair rolled down it, through Shirleys' room & out her door.  Next an old man started down, cane in hand.  Gaping hole in her room now revealed the rest of the ballroom.  It's floor  elevated.  It didn't want to be separated from her side of the room.  It once was one & the house was alive.  In there were old people.  Gray haired, floral dresses, piss stained pants their uniform.
What & why.

To Be Continued. ........

So it starts & will continue over the weekend if you are keen to read what happens next.  XX