Saturday, December 18, 2010

Part 2

The second installment. It's a short story of just a day in the life of one accident prone woman who loves to shop.

'Shirley Fracture' cont.

Then nurses gave her a sedative shot  to calm her down.   The needle broke off in her vein, Shirley fainted.
Hours later, she was released from hospital.  Still somewhat anaesthetised, Shirley stumbles into the club.  There was a woman with a broken ankle.  Plaster foot wet, propped on a green velvet cushion.  Large woman rolling in jewels & skin.  People fell over each other to do things for her.  Then the boy with the broken leg.  Angel face.  Trapped by a woman who'd hidden his crutches.  She petted his plaster appendage then sat on his lap & squirmed.

All around Shirley could hear breaking.  Hear bones snap.  Shirley sat, the band played.  Friend sat beside her.  Elbow sharp jabbed her in the ribs until one broke.   Then she vomited in Shirley's pocket while mumbling something in Japanese.  You put up with a lot from friends.

The man with the broken heart was nowhere to be seen.  The heart breakers were there.  Tongues down throats all night.  A broken down diva wrapped in cobwebs sat in the spotlight & opened her legs wide so everyone could watch her cunt disintegrate. 

Shirley needed a break.  She found a quiet spot at the bar & devoured it.  She noticed the barman's bad   split ends.  They discussed conditioning.  It was becoming an intellectual evening.  When it became black, moonlight caught glass & chrome.  And as Shirleys' head smashed against the rickety wood bed head, silver skull fell from his ear.  She watched it twitching, spinning in the light & it smashed her in the teeth.  Now Shirley has a broken smile. 

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