Saturday, July 2, 2011

To Market To Market

So this is appropriate music to read this blog post by.  The  magical Carry Nation provided entertainment to the people at the Valley Laneway Markets in Winn Lane yesterday.  A very pleasant surprise.

'Shirley'  was in attendance, gorgeous blue sky, Flamingo Cafe close to hand for fuel & it was just a really pleasant vibe.  I've done other markets before & in recent times in fact,  where there was no vibe except that I wanted to stick hot pokers in my brain to alleviate the boredom by early afternoon.  And the people....well, I think I could have stuck hot pokers in my brain & they wouldn't have cared.  The folks in this laneway are the opposite, they are friendly & helpful.

True to form of late however, it was pretty quiet, evidently there were a lot of other things on (but isn't there always....) which is a shame as I put a lot of effort into preparing & so on & 'Shirley' really needs a break at the moment.   That said, I think I would give it another go.

Hmmmm,  amusing poster out on the street.
Ha,  I laugh but maybe it's too close to being real to be funny. Becoming a nanny state & all.  What next will be legislated?,  as the rest of us are apparently adults who are not capable of making our own decisions...anyway, that is another post me  thinks.

There were some coppers there making us market goers fell safe & secure, ha ha.

It's actually a greyer day today but I've a friend up from Lismore & it sound like she is outside gardening.  Also it must be time for.....well, brunch , as it turns out & I should probably get dressed as well.  The doggers have just come in to check on what I'm doing so........

Before I go  I can give you an exciting little hint....there may be a super sale at 'Shirley Fracture Couture' shortly with very generous discounts.
I always find in interesting to see what others are creating when I go to do markets, & folks are doing some really great work.  And I know a lot of people really appreciate what they are looking at for the creativity & effort that's gone in & just the plain gorgeousness.   So please support your local art makers.  You always get something unique & creative.  Instead of going out to some faceless large company who has plenty of doh, if you need to get a gift for someone, check out the alternative.  We are just as convenient to shop from, & actually provide a better service, we have a lot more invested, ie., our blood sweat & tears & probably our soul which we've sold to the devil to buy paint & fabric etc. hahaha.

OK, I'll get off my soap box now.  Have a great weekend guys & dolls.  XX