Monday, May 14, 2012

Legs Legs Legs

It's getting chilly now here in Australia, time to pull on those tights & leggings.  This post is dedicated to just that.  These are all Shirley Fracture Couture.  Put some pep in your winter wardrobe, plain black legs everywhere all the time is just boring & looks like a uniform out there that everyone is wearing.  Don't be afraid to be  fashion leader, you will be noticed wearing these. And please enjoy the musical accompaniment, something different for you.


So a bit of a selection from past & present collections, hope you see something you like.  There are tights & leggings, 50 denier, 70 denier, 120 denier, cotton blend.  Can be styled so many ways to look awesome but beware, people will want to touch your legs.