Friday, April 15, 2011

Life After Launch

I did it.  The launch party & fashion parade of the winter collection on Wednesday night was a feat & a half.  I was sent a few 'angels' at the last minute that saved my sanity & my skin.

There weren't as many people there as I'd hoped but those who were were 'blown away' by the collection & suitably impressed.  They loved it & importantly, had a lot of fun.

I had six of the most gorgeous models, most who had come from work, some who were not well but they were very professional & played their parts with grace & without a single complaint.  It was an absolute pleasure.
Wonderful hairdressers Farleigh Poole & Noriko Ayai did an excellent job & Farleigh had also come from working at her salon all day.  Again, very professional, easy to work with & able to translate what I wanted with ease.

'Shirleys' angel from heaven Dan, who arrived at the last minute to help me finish the banner & get over the last hurdle.  Luv ya Dan.
Photographer Josie Richardson...what can I say about this woman....well she is just bloody brilliant & I look forward to working with her in future.

Models :  Jana Robinson, Paige Craswell, Heloise-Laure Ruinard, Cammie Nott, Lara Cresser & Katty Luxford.

Also thank you to mX paper for the great photo & plug.  Thank you to Rion for taking photos(still to come, can't wait to see them).  Thank you to  Miranda (great mannequin), David (tech. support), Giz ( all round good woman), Greg (driver extraordinaire), Lexie & Courtney (fringe bar)& Gerald ( for lending me his people).

Special thanks to Communify (local community centre) for supporting me & to Fringe Bar for loan of your Lava Lounge.

And thank you so very much to those who came out to support the event, glad you enjoyed it.

Shirley Fracture Couture XX

NEXT: fashion spread westside news coming soon.