Wednesday, December 31, 2014

What a Fucking Year This Has Been

I'm sure a lot of folks will echo those sentiments.  I've been pondering what to say if anything about this year coming to an end & how to say it then  I thought,  blog, I don't think I've blogged all year.

I feel so trashed by the events of 2014 that I can hardly must be time for a musical interlude.  I couldn't think of a song so just typed lalala & this is what I got...

This year of 2014 I moved interstate to live with & look after my ailing Ma, fuck it's been hard & it's taken it's toll.  I have however done loads of designing as per usual, put out a mini collection that included some screen printed goodies as well as the hand painted, shot said collection & sent it down the runway.  Some folks may say that's not bad & they'd be right, it's not bad but it's not good enough either, but then I am always seeing what I could do better.

I do love these designs so very much, I've put everything into them & I hear everyone say that but I hope you like them, especially the dresses.  I'm pretty confident with my leg wear, it's my thing but I certainly am looking to expand what I do.  

This year I was invited to exhibit with RAW London, which I do want to do, & the Art Gallery of Ballarat bought several pieces to sell in their shop.  So that also happened.  I won't list my goals for 2015, I'd rather just do them  tell you about it when they happen.  

I guess we all say the same things at this time of year & how we are so excited for the coming year........I can say I feel tired but am looking forward to getting into new projects & making more wearable art & artisanal fashion for you.  I really enjoy creating, it makes me happy, it's soothing & that won't change in 2015.  I can sincerely say I wish everyone all the very best, I hope you are happy & successful in 2015.