Friday, December 30, 2011

Goodbye Hello

If you feel so inclined to click on this link above you won't be disappoited, one of the great things that happened this year of 2011 was my discovering Alina Simone & this song is filled with heart & soul & guts & beauty. And I think the same can be said for the woman herself.

Another great thing about 2011 was all the fantastic people I got to work with on shoots for 'Shirley'. There's two of them to the left there & more below.

It has been a challenging year filled with a lot of hard work. I've learned a lot of new things, about business, computers, myself. I love to learn but some lessons come easier than others.

I'll be glad to say goodbye to 2011 knowing that I have done my very best & I'll be happy to see 2012 which will be jammed
packed with exciting new projects.

I fully expect to work just as hard if not harder. Some of the old challenges will remain(I am stuck with myself & my own physical limitations) & there will be new ones to overcome. But I'm confident it is going to be a big year for 'Shirley'.

I really appreciate those of you who have supported me in 2011, whether it be following this blog, buying something, selling something, words of encouragement etc., it all means a lot to me & helps keep me going.

I'll be taking on a work experience assistant & look forward to interviewing & meeting everyone.

Of course there's the designing & execution of the Winter 2012 collection. Video projects, fashion parades like this town has never seen before & a huge trip to Melbourne & Adelaide in March/April & on it goes.

Here's me with my number one supporter who is always by my side. So... much love & cheers to you & now to go celebrate the year that was & to welcome the year to come. XX

Friday, December 16, 2011

Work It

Wow...what a year 2011 has been right?  I know it has a been a big year for 'Shirley' & 2012 is set to be huge.

So much exciting stuff planned for the new year & there is just so much to do I can no longer do it on my own.
That said,  I am looking for a work experience assistant.  If you are studying or just completed studies or are wanting to build your resume' for example & need experience for your is not  paid position but there will be some opportunities for remuneration.

If you want a career in any of these-  fashion, business management, retail & sales, marketing & pr, event management, stylist

If you have any of the following skills - computer skills, administrative, overlocking, video, photography, hair & make up, research, grant applications, networking

A willingness to muck in & help out where needed will put you in good stead.  A vehicle is desirable but not necessary.

                                                       plus much more

Of course you don't have to have all of these things & one of the important aspects is that you can be flexible & creative & have a sharp mind, & that you suit the work environment that is 'Shirley' world.

The location is Paddington in Brisbane & is poodle friendly.  There are also sometimes foster dogs that stay with us until they are adopted.  So if you are allergic or don't like dogs then the position is not for you.

Behind the scenes............some of the tasks you may have to perform.  Sheltering photographers in the rain, giving models a thorough soaking, public events such as markets............helping out at photo shoots & the view from the office, not bad hey?

If you aren't afraid of hard work, want to have fun, be involved in exciting projects,  then please send an email to introduce yourself & tell me something about you.   Include your contact details & send  to this address 

Monday, November 21, 2011

This little piggy

Yes I attended some markets on Sunday at West End.  The experience should have been like this.....& by the way, man Iggy is looking good.

Unfortunately it was more like this...................

  I tried my peeps, I tried.

Some images for you of the day which I got through with a little help from my friends, you know who you are & I thank you from the heart of my bottom.

That pretty much sums it up. I am in no way negative about the market itself, it is a great idea & the woman in charge was lovely but it just didn't work out for me on the day & I ain't gonna bullshit ya.   XX 

Friday, November 11, 2011


Yeah Yeah.

All dresses above available at

the two above are available at Pony Boy Parlour, Albert St, Brunswick, Melbourne.

Show Stopper Party Popper.  XX

Sunday, November 6, 2011

And The Winner Is - take 2

Well for those playing along, the prize was drawn, the video posted & the winner announced.

Drawn 1/11/11 the winner was Debbie.  I left the video of the draw up for the working week & then had to take it down.  Seriously it was that bad but did afford quite  few people with a very good laugh.  And if you didn't see it, your life won't be any the worse for it.

Although not well attended, I will be holding more competitions so keep an eye open & good luck next time.

Thank you to those who participated, I really appreciate your interest.  XX  

Monday, October 17, 2011

While We're Waiting.........Your Roots Are Showing

Well 'Shirleys' latest collection is done done done.  We shot it a couple of weeks ago indoors & down at the local skate park.  I'm waiting on the photos to come through so I can share with you all.

Worked with Bekk of  Ragdoll Rampage  on hair for the first time & what a great chicky babe she is.  We actually randomly met at a roller derby bout a few weeks before, very serendipitous.

And on MU for the first time with 'Shirley' was Meghan Bell who really worked in wonderfully with the team & was able to interpret my obtuse instructions.

Helper extraordinaire  Miranda Ryan was on hand & worked tirelessly & her friend Oliver was on hand at the park to help out whether it be supporting the photog (literally from falling off a fence at one stage), holding things or skating.

Speaking of photogs, once again Josie Richardson 'brung it' & I feel blessed to work with her.

And the models Lara Cresser & Heloise Laure Ruiard....what can I say, beautiful inside & out, & always professional.  Those girls can rock any look & are great for dealing with 'Shirleys' special requirements, like the change room at the park was freakin' palatial, hahaha.

Of course I forgot to take my camera to the skate park for behind the scenes pics but once we got there, being school holidays, we were inundated with wee scooter riders very keen to be in the shots.

Brandon was there with his hand painted skateboard & was happy to pose for us until he had to head off to work.  Then the very patient Al Burke stepped off his skate board & into our shots.  Although I don't think he minded too much, haha, he may have wondered at some stage what he got himself into.

Mysterious 'man on a bike' also supplied us with some great action for some shots & we just managed to get the last outfit photographed before totally losing the light.  Phew.

So I just wanna say a huge thank you to all involved.  'Shirley' loves you.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Rock Your World Leggings Giveaway

Shirley is happy to announce her first giveaway here.  What you may win is a pair of 'Rock Your World-Dom Lives Large' 70 D leggings, one size fits up to a 16.

How you may win is simple, just  follow this blog & then leave a comment below this post .  If you are a follower already just leave a comment under this post.

The winner will be chosen at random & announced here & on  & also on!/shirleyfracture  at the end of this month, October 31 st.

Here's some photos of the leggings in question, good luck & feel free to share with your friends.

Thanks so much for your support, it means the world to 'Shirley' & she would love to 'rock your world'.


Sunday, September 4, 2011

Hey Hey It's...........

Spring here in the southern hemisphere & true to form the first few days have been gorgeous, sunny & mild with a little spring rain. Please enjoy the music choice while reading, it's from the last century & dedicated to ma boys, especially Brendan (you'll see why when you read further).   I'm up early so take this opportunity to do a quick blog which I have been neglecting terribly.  Damn, maybe I should have taken the dog for a walk.  A woman walking her dog just won $15,000 from the tele, I had entered, haha.  OK, I'm back.........

And I'm getting ready to launch the Spring/Summer Collection 2011/12 for 'Shirley'.  Getting a bit snowed under with all the admin./behind the scenes work that needs to be done & would really like a helper.  I would love to have a parade but just don't think I can swing it this time.  There's enough to do organising the upcoming photo shoot which will again be shot by the amazing Josie Richardson( see pics. above) towards the end of this month. I'd also love to do a little video.   And I actually have to finish the making of the collection.

This season there will be leggings & tights but expect to see a lot more colour.  There will still be upcycled slips plus there will also be the addition of some denim(see pic. below) & some designs that hark back to our roots.

I'm excited to be able to share it with you soon & hope you will like what you see.
On other 'Shirley' news, you can now buy Shirley Fracture Couture at Red Cordial Boutique in Elizabeth Arcade, Elizabeth St., Brisbane city & at the fabulous new Pony Boy Parlour, Albert St., Brunswick in Melbourne.
And he hasn't announced it publicly & probably won't, but am so excited for Brendan Nicholl -Caddell, designer of 'Shirley's' logo who has just won the Little Archie for portrait in Melbourne.  He is super talented & watch out for that name in the future, it's just the beginning for him.  Love ya B.

OK gorgeous people, must away & get some work done.   Catch you soon.  XX

Saturday, July 2, 2011

To Market To Market

So this is appropriate music to read this blog post by.  The  magical Carry Nation provided entertainment to the people at the Valley Laneway Markets in Winn Lane yesterday.  A very pleasant surprise.

'Shirley'  was in attendance, gorgeous blue sky, Flamingo Cafe close to hand for fuel & it was just a really pleasant vibe.  I've done other markets before & in recent times in fact,  where there was no vibe except that I wanted to stick hot pokers in my brain to alleviate the boredom by early afternoon.  And the people....well, I think I could have stuck hot pokers in my brain & they wouldn't have cared.  The folks in this laneway are the opposite, they are friendly & helpful.

True to form of late however, it was pretty quiet, evidently there were a lot of other things on (but isn't there always....) which is a shame as I put a lot of effort into preparing & so on & 'Shirley' really needs a break at the moment.   That said, I think I would give it another go.

Hmmmm,  amusing poster out on the street.
Ha,  I laugh but maybe it's too close to being real to be funny. Becoming a nanny state & all.  What next will be legislated?,  as the rest of us are apparently adults who are not capable of making our own decisions...anyway, that is another post me  thinks.

There were some coppers there making us market goers fell safe & secure, ha ha.

It's actually a greyer day today but I've a friend up from Lismore & it sound like she is outside gardening.  Also it must be time for.....well, brunch , as it turns out & I should probably get dressed as well.  The doggers have just come in to check on what I'm doing so........

Before I go  I can give you an exciting little hint....there may be a super sale at 'Shirley Fracture Couture' shortly with very generous discounts.
I always find in interesting to see what others are creating when I go to do markets, & folks are doing some really great work.  And I know a lot of people really appreciate what they are looking at for the creativity & effort that's gone in & just the plain gorgeousness.   So please support your local art makers.  You always get something unique & creative.  Instead of going out to some faceless large company who has plenty of doh, if you need to get a gift for someone, check out the alternative.  We are just as convenient to shop from, & actually provide a better service, we have a lot more invested, ie., our blood sweat & tears & probably our soul which we've sold to the devil to buy paint & fabric etc. hahaha.

OK, I'll get off my soap box now.  Have a great weekend guys & dolls.  XX

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Too Much Resting

I used a Patti Smith song for the first part of the AW 2011 parade, it wasn't this one but I think this is better to read by.  I know the weekend has come & gone, which is when I said I'd post the rest of this story but.....these things happen.  Here's the next installment.

RESTING PLACE continued. :

Shirley approached a snotty old woman who told her that this was just how it was & always had been.  But Shirley rented the room now & she wanted her privacy.  As they had not been told differently, they intended to keep making their exits through Shirley's room.  He had told her the rent was $50 a night.  Housing was scarce.  She knew that.  This was ridiculous.

After inspecting the contents of her wallet, she was verging on hysteria.  Shirley had run out of options.  She found him in his cabin & he took her to meet the landlady.  Another old person.  Shirley didn't like her chances.  She found her to be different from the others however.  Mentally & physically busy.  Constantly moving.  When she did stop you could still see the movement of blood pumping.  Veins pulsing under skin translucent.  Secrets worth keeping inside that skull.  Shirley told her of the situation with the room.  The landlady's face filled with suspicion.. Shirley could see it rising from her throat until it came out of her ears like steam,  She mumbled 'two or five, two.....'as she took off at speed.  Two being the least expensive.  Shirley found out why.

 The landlady led them to the back garden.  Half way along the path stood a small Tudor style building.  Originally the laundry for the main house & living quarters for the staff,  A happy, loving couple had lived there since being married forty-seven years earlier.  Council wanted it demolished & the cafe next door wanted to extend their car parking.  After a long battle, they are never short, the building, along with the rest, was heritage listed.  Assured of life continuing.  The woman had stopped talking.  Shirley could see her mind still moving.  She was going to offer it to Shirley.  Then said the old couple had recently died & it was already taken.  Why was she lying.....

To be continued.  Please come back now. XX

Friday, June 3, 2011

It's a Shirley Life

Something fantastic to listen to while you are reading.  I used this music for the second part of the fashion parade at 'Shirleys' launch party  in April.  These boys are divine.

If you are new to the life of Shirley, you will have missed the origin story but can catch up by reading earlier blog posts 'Nervous Now' & 'Part 2'.  I know some of you have been waiting patiently for the next installment so I thought I had better get started.  After the unfortunate events at Shirley's home; the break & enter & the intruder; Shirley has sought new accommodation.
 Her story reinforces how glad I am not to have to rent on the private rental market.  Living in a  housing co-operative has its' own unique challenges & speaking plainly, can be a pain in the arse at times but ultimately, it beats renting & Shirleys'  adventures drive this home.

So, here is the next bit.  I will add to & finish it over the weekend.  This is a story in development, it is on the run.  It is called 'Resting Place'.

RESTING PLACE by Kathleen Dittmar

     Shirley decided to stay.  She didn't know why.  He had found it for her.  A room in a rambling, once opulent,  old home.  It fronted the interstate highway.  A 24 hour  blue neon cafe to the left.  Barren, neglected field to the right.  City skyline visible in the distance.  Her room was at the front of the house.  Long & narrow.  Part of the original old ballroom.  Including veranda, built in.  Swishing taffeta ghost noises.  Potent place with its' high ceilings, highly ornate & dusty colours.

Her possessions were few now.  Three television sets, a stereo, records & books in high piles on the floor. Old blue glass kerosene lamp & some outdated clothes.  Shirley would send for the rest when she was settled.
There was the dinner set inherited from her great Aunt Shirl & more in storage.  Possessions had become less important to Shirley, the having of them & the getting of them.

He lived in a rented cabin in a row of log cabins on the lower level of the old estates grounds.  It seemed like a good place to hide.  Shirley stood alone taking in her new room when the back wall seemed to move.  She watched, still somewhat numb,  as a panel in the wall slid aside.  A ramp appeared  & an old woman in a wheelchair rolled down it, through Shirleys' room & out her door.  Next an old man started down, cane in hand.  Gaping hole in her room now revealed the rest of the ballroom.  It's floor  elevated.  It didn't want to be separated from her side of the room.  It once was one & the house was alive.  In there were old people.  Gray haired, floral dresses, piss stained pants their uniform.
What & why.

To Be Continued. ........

So it starts & will continue over the weekend if you are keen to read what happens next.  XX

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sorry seems to be ......

When I first started this blog, I said it would be above all honest, whether you liked it or not & I don't know if I've been really true to that.  Because it's attached to my business I've felt the need to put forward a certain face.

Well I just wanted to say that while some really great things have happened & I've worked really is fucking hard & most of the time I feel like I'm talking to myself & don't know what the fuck I'm doing.

OK well I feel a bit better I got that out.  Now there are some pictures that aren't particularly  pretty but they are real & come from me.  XX

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

It's A Long Way

It's been super busy around this way of late & I've been neglecting the old blog.  'Shirley' has been working day & night & needs to play for sure.

There have been a few notices & articles & I'm tickled pink.  The reaction to the AW  2011collection has been great.  The latest is this one  It's a great on-line magazine & we have 'Tea & a Biccie'.

The recent photo shoot with Josie Richardson of went really well & I'll see the final results over the weekend.  This is a wee taste above featuring the beautiful Heloise-Laure Ruinard & Kahlo Angelus.

Oh & there is a bit of a promotion on 'Shirley's' facebook page, discounts on leggings, good timing 'cos it's getting chilly.

Just a quick update but I'll be back soon.  XX

Friday, April 15, 2011

Life After Launch

I did it.  The launch party & fashion parade of the winter collection on Wednesday night was a feat & a half.  I was sent a few 'angels' at the last minute that saved my sanity & my skin.

There weren't as many people there as I'd hoped but those who were were 'blown away' by the collection & suitably impressed.  They loved it & importantly, had a lot of fun.

I had six of the most gorgeous models, most who had come from work, some who were not well but they were very professional & played their parts with grace & without a single complaint.  It was an absolute pleasure.
Wonderful hairdressers Farleigh Poole & Noriko Ayai did an excellent job & Farleigh had also come from working at her salon all day.  Again, very professional, easy to work with & able to translate what I wanted with ease.

'Shirleys' angel from heaven Dan, who arrived at the last minute to help me finish the banner & get over the last hurdle.  Luv ya Dan.
Photographer Josie Richardson...what can I say about this woman....well she is just bloody brilliant & I look forward to working with her in future.

Models :  Jana Robinson, Paige Craswell, Heloise-Laure Ruinard, Cammie Nott, Lara Cresser & Katty Luxford.

Also thank you to mX paper for the great photo & plug.  Thank you to Rion for taking photos(still to come, can't wait to see them).  Thank you to  Miranda (great mannequin), David (tech. support), Giz ( all round good woman), Greg (driver extraordinaire), Lexie & Courtney (fringe bar)& Gerald ( for lending me his people).

Special thanks to Communify (local community centre) for supporting me & to Fringe Bar for loan of your Lava Lounge.

And thank you so very much to those who came out to support the event, glad you enjoyed it.

Shirley Fracture Couture XX

NEXT: fashion spread westside news coming soon.