Tuesday, March 5, 2013

My Heart Went Bang Shang a Lang

Time for a bit of a catch up.  Check out the 'Shirleyesque' poodle in this video, though the 'Shirley' poodle is much prettier but then beauty is in the eye of the beholder, plus it's a happy little ditty to accompany this blog post.

Well it's been a great start to 2013.  In January an article appeared in a fantastic American mag., Fashion Faces Magazine    http://issuu.com/fashionfaces/docs/janissue in the International Fashion section about my label which was a lovely way to begin the new year.  The accompanying images by  Josie of /http://josierichardsonphotography.com.au/ look awesome as do the models, 'Shirley' faves Heloise-Laure Ruinard & Lara Cresser with hair by Carly Hammond & Bek from Ragdoll Rampage & make up by Meghan Bell MUA & Heloise.

Also in January I became a featured RAW natural born artist  http://www.rawartists.org/shirleyfracture & will be on the runway for their upcoming showcase, 'Generation' in March.  You'll find all the information about the night if you click on that link.  Tickets for the night are on sale now for only $15 which is fantastic as you get to see the work of over 40 artists, other fashion designers, visual artists, jewellers, photographers, musicians, performers & more.  When buying your ticket make sure to click on Shirley Fracture Couture on the little drop down feature as the artist you are supporting.

So you certainly get a lot of value for your $15 & it's going to be an epic night to remember.  I know my runway is going to be spectacular & I'm teamed up with fantastic Hair (Leigh Auld) & MUA (Nikita Pere) for the night.

In the mean time I'm working away  getting a collection together for the event & for Autumn/Winter 2013.  I'm loving colour at the moment so there will be a lot more of that than usual for me.  The new designs have an art deco influence, there are really graphic designs, metallics & pop colours & the look is very rock & roll babies.  It encompasses the usual 'Shirley' vibe.

It's been a while since I started this post in the middle of the night when I had a bit of time spare.  Well RAW Generation is now only a couple of weeks away.  Eeep so much to do to finish.  I've done about 20 hours of sequin  sewing so far & have about another 40 to go.  It's sequin mania here right now.

On a personal note, after the RAW gig I'm off to Adelaide for a couple of months to help out my mum whose partner has died.  You never now what will happen from day to day, this wasn't a planned trip.  Also my gorgeous brother in law who is responsible for my logo, has been undergoing  chemo & radiotherapy for the last few weeks & is about half way through his treatment.  It's pretty heavy but it seems to be going well & he is always in my thoughts right now.

Then look out Melbourne, here I come.  Some time in the next 18 months I'll be making the move.  Although it's a big move, I love Melbourne so much & am really excited about it.   I love my tree house here in Brisbane & am sad when I think about leaving it but hey, upwards & onwards.

Brissie folks, here is a link to get your tickets for RAW Generation.  http://www.rawartists.org/brisbane/generation/?artist=70992
As I said earlier, just tick Shirley Fracture as the artist you are supporting & I would absolutely love to see you there.  XX

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