Thursday, June 13, 2013

Best Laid Plans

It's been a while since my last blog so time for an update.  I made it through my RAW Generation showcase.  It was a fantastic night & the most tickets were sold for any RAW event anywhere so we broke a record.
Leading up to the night I'd had bugger all sleep & worked hard to get it all done.  So on the night I turned up with wet hair, no make up looking like a wreck so not the ideal time to be photographed or videoed but meh, I'm over it, the clothes looked awesome on the runway &  once again I was blessed with a fantastic team of models & helpers including Leigh Auld Hair & Nikita Pere MUA also featured RAW artists. .

These photos by Josie Richardson Photography. 

So post RAW I had to shut down my web store (not ideal after doing such a big promotion) & head off to Adelaide to help my mum pack up her house & get it ready to be upgraded .  I knew it would be a big job but man o man, it was a big job, it nearly killed me but I got it done.  Needless to say, as much as I hated to leave my mum there on her own, it is great to be back at home in my lovely tree house & with the mild winter weather(it was freezeballs in the Adelaide hills). Two months away is a long time.   And with so much work to catch up on I've dived in to try & make up for lost time. 

In an effort to consolidate & focus & pay the rent, I'm currently having an EOFY Sale in my web store.  Most things are ridiculously discounted, so check it out & buy up as this won't happen very often.  Just go to this link.

Then at the end of the month I'm having a Pop Up Fashion Store to finish off the big sale.  There will be other designers including the fab Good Golly Its Molly taking part & including a men's label so the guys are not forgotten plus more.  It will be a unique opportunity to nab yourself a designer bargain, something special for your collection.  And it's being held at Kobblers in Bardon which is a great venue & has the best coffee & fruit toast going.  All in all it will be a pleasurable way to spend part of your Saturday.  

That's pretty much all the news I think.  You can always contact me by email to  if you have any queries.  

I'm planning on going into the new financial year with a much more streamlined operation.  An exciting new collection, the best photo shoot ever, more magazine articles & trying not to be frustrated that I can't do what I want quick enough.  I'm trying to be sensible about everything & realise I can only do what I can do & it's no point stressing right? right.  XX



  1. Super Shirl, you have bollocks of platinum. You deserve the best year ever xo

    1. Thanks Debbie. Oh no, the secret is out about by butt implants. xx