Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Reborn Again

I've got a few days where I'm not scheduled every minute so am taking the chance to catch up with blogging, tidying & contemplating in general where I'm headed.  I know I'm winding things down for the year & making plans for the coming year & I know I'm determined to have fun for the rest of the year.

Apart from Shirley I have two other jobs so that's three, & none of them pay, in fact two of them cost me money to do.  Some people may think that's crazy but I have to do what I'm passionate about & what I enjoy & at this point in time these things are more important.  Although that said, I think I need a job, haha. Just  couple of days a week would be good, doing what though I do not know, any offers, haha.

Something a bit different for the music selection for this post but Alina has been very cool letting me use her music for my little videos & other helpful things.  Not only is she  talented singer but also writes articles for New York Times & has books published, an interesting person worth checking out for yourself.  Basically she rocks & 'Shirley' loves women who rock.  (Take note of this it will be important later)

Just did the last shoot for this year, a capsule summer collection.  I really wanted the focus to be on fun & wanted a stress free shoot which is what I got thanks to the dream team of tog Josie Richardson   http://josierichardson.squarespace.com/& models Lara Cresser & Heloise - Laure Ruinard (who also did the make up).  And talk about the universe providing...I lost my hair stylist as I had to change days at the last minute & once we got to the location a hairdresser just happened to be there & was happy to help out. She did a great job to, so thanks to Carly Hammond for stepping in then & there.

To top it off we had a fantastic location which really made the whole experience stress free & enjoyable, at Kobblers  https://www.facebook.com/KobblersBardon?fref=ts a cool little joint in the heart of Bardon with the best chocolate milkshakes & coffee.  It really has a great vibe thanks in great part to the owner Scott & is a lot more than  coffee shop.  And thanks to Kat & Kat with assisting us as well.

Here's some behind the scenes shots I took with my crappay little camera, I didn't take many....

We shot with film again & I am cannot wait to get the images back.  Also big thanks to Tattooed Zombie Accessories for providing us with fun bit & bobs.  https://www.facebook.com/tattooedzombieaccessories

Next up for 'Shirley' is the Kustom Krafts market coming up on the 16 th of December at the Sandgate RSL club & it's gonna be big & big fun.   https://www.facebook.com/events/117635981727183/?fref=ts

So if you are looking for a great day out & great shopping....see you there.


  1. The girls even look great on your 'crappay' camera. I didn't even notice you sneak those in!
    Can't wait to get the film shots back!!

  2. Love the sneak peek, it's looking great. Also loving your determination to have fun! There was heaps more I wrote, & now my brain is fuzz.
    Shirley loves women who rock!!!

    1. Thanks Debbie, & yay it worked, thanks for persisting. And there's one entry so far for you. Good luck. XX