Sunday, September 4, 2011

Hey Hey It's...........

Spring here in the southern hemisphere & true to form the first few days have been gorgeous, sunny & mild with a little spring rain. Please enjoy the music choice while reading, it's from the last century & dedicated to ma boys, especially Brendan (you'll see why when you read further).   I'm up early so take this opportunity to do a quick blog which I have been neglecting terribly.  Damn, maybe I should have taken the dog for a walk.  A woman walking her dog just won $15,000 from the tele, I had entered, haha.  OK, I'm back.........

And I'm getting ready to launch the Spring/Summer Collection 2011/12 for 'Shirley'.  Getting a bit snowed under with all the admin./behind the scenes work that needs to be done & would really like a helper.  I would love to have a parade but just don't think I can swing it this time.  There's enough to do organising the upcoming photo shoot which will again be shot by the amazing Josie Richardson( see pics. above) towards the end of this month. I'd also love to do a little video.   And I actually have to finish the making of the collection.

This season there will be leggings & tights but expect to see a lot more colour.  There will still be upcycled slips plus there will also be the addition of some denim(see pic. below) & some designs that hark back to our roots.

I'm excited to be able to share it with you soon & hope you will like what you see.
On other 'Shirley' news, you can now buy Shirley Fracture Couture at Red Cordial Boutique in Elizabeth Arcade, Elizabeth St., Brisbane city & at the fabulous new Pony Boy Parlour, Albert St., Brunswick in Melbourne.
And he hasn't announced it publicly & probably won't, but am so excited for Brendan Nicholl -Caddell, designer of 'Shirley's' logo who has just won the Little Archie for portrait in Melbourne.  He is super talented & watch out for that name in the future, it's just the beginning for him.  Love ya B.

OK gorgeous people, must away & get some work done.   Catch you soon.  XX

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