Monday, October 17, 2011

While We're Waiting.........Your Roots Are Showing

Well 'Shirleys' latest collection is done done done.  We shot it a couple of weeks ago indoors & down at the local skate park.  I'm waiting on the photos to come through so I can share with you all.

Worked with Bekk of  Ragdoll Rampage  on hair for the first time & what a great chicky babe she is.  We actually randomly met at a roller derby bout a few weeks before, very serendipitous.

And on MU for the first time with 'Shirley' was Meghan Bell who really worked in wonderfully with the team & was able to interpret my obtuse instructions.

Helper extraordinaire  Miranda Ryan was on hand & worked tirelessly & her friend Oliver was on hand at the park to help out whether it be supporting the photog (literally from falling off a fence at one stage), holding things or skating.

Speaking of photogs, once again Josie Richardson 'brung it' & I feel blessed to work with her.

And the models Lara Cresser & Heloise Laure Ruiard....what can I say, beautiful inside & out, & always professional.  Those girls can rock any look & are great for dealing with 'Shirleys' special requirements, like the change room at the park was freakin' palatial, hahaha.

Of course I forgot to take my camera to the skate park for behind the scenes pics but once we got there, being school holidays, we were inundated with wee scooter riders very keen to be in the shots.

Brandon was there with his hand painted skateboard & was happy to pose for us until he had to head off to work.  Then the very patient Al Burke stepped off his skate board & into our shots.  Although I don't think he minded too much, haha, he may have wondered at some stage what he got himself into.

Mysterious 'man on a bike' also supplied us with some great action for some shots & we just managed to get the last outfit photographed before totally losing the light.  Phew.

So I just wanna say a huge thank you to all involved.  'Shirley' loves you.

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