Tuesday, September 18, 2012

You Are Here.......

Wowsers, I haven't updated for a while, life gets very busy & since I've started a tumblr http://shirleyfracture.tumblr.com/  it's been a lot quicker to post a photo now & then but I prefer this blog for longer posts & for passing on info.  And please enjoy this little musical selection while we catch up.  It is something I just love love love & he is playing in my neck of the woods about now so get out & see him if you can.

So....starting up a business is hard.  Doing it with no funds is harder & being a fashion label .........well, you get the drift.  Since starting up under the name Shirley Fracture Couture a couple of years ago, I don't know how I managed to pull out three collections from thin air & get them onto the ground.  I have designs & ideas coming out the wahzoo, that is not the problem, that is in fact all I have & therefore is my strength & has enabled me to achieve what I have done with little to no resources.

So....the prospect of coming up with another collection for Spring Summer 2012/13 was daunting to say the least & I was feeling pretty exhausted by this point & just didn't see how I could pull another collection out of thin air.  But I just had to pull up my super stylish socks (yes, I did some socks, I'll include a photo of said socks) & deal with it.  Hence Shirley Fracture Couture S/S 12/13 Rewind Collection was born.

Photo of said socks................

Yes there are new designs, perhaps just not so many as previous collections & I have reworked some previous designs that needed  more attention or were simply just favourites.  A photo shoot was organised, photographer, check,  two models, check, hair, check, make up, check, two assistants, check, yay, how great to be organised.  Then for various reasons, people began dropping out like crazy, mostly last minute, scramble like a mad woman to get it re-organised.  Then we turn up to the location to find it has been double booked, then in the middle of the shoot they wanted to close it down............but we prevailed & got it done.

I have to say I have never had so many dramas around one shoot before but the photos are great.  We shot with film which was a new or old experience, depending which way you look at it.  So a big thank you to Josie Richardson Photography, Heloise Laure Ruinard & Cammie Nott Models, Meghan Bell MUA & Willis Lim Shoot Assistant.  A great little team to work with, that was the easy part.  A selection of the results is below.

Next I participated in Junkie Couture II held by Reverse Garbage & SFC was on the runway opening night & the exhibition of the couture is on until the 27th, so if you are in Brisbane go check it out, you can buy stuff as well, from the exhibition & the warehouse (I have my eye on some boxes).  https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151044748681817&set=a.10150650635641817.388370.104330471816&type=1&theater

Junkie Couture II runway.

And next up for SFC is Kustom Krafts https://www.facebook.com/events/440894672621462/  market where I will be having a stall.  It will be at the beautiful re-furbished Sandgate hall on the 30th of Sept.  Anyway, you can check out the link for all the info. but I'm really looking forward to it & would love to meet you all face to face.  No doubt you will also get a fabulous bargain as I will really want you to get your 'shirley' on.

Phew, I shouldn't leave it so long next time that it is turning into a novel.  Actually I would like to know if you don't mind reading a longer post like this or if you would rather shorter more regular posts????????????????

Cheerio for now.  Get regular SFC updates here https://www.facebook.com/pages/Shirley-Fracture-Couture/144102495613713  & to get your SFC on literally, go here http://www.shirleyfracture.com.au/ & if you are a twitterer, https://twitter.com/shirleyfracture .  XX

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