Sunday, March 4, 2012

All About, Ins & Outs

Hey there gorgeous people.  .  So it's March already..yep, master of stating the obvious, but we got here so fast.  It's been a good start to the year.  Lets summarise.  You know Shirley loves to ROCK & women who ROCK is tending to be a theme for this year.  I know a few personally but  have come across some new ones professionally who are not only talented but are inspirational & gorgewah.

I wanted to put together a video of some of my gorgeous photos from previous shoots  but the music accompanying it is really important to me.  So began a rather frustrating process until one day late last year I happened upon Alina Simone, specifically this track  which I fell in love with & was pleasantly surprised to learn the woman herself is a really cool & lovely person.  Bam music dilemma over, after weeks of trying to contact people to find out about copyright to use songs & getting no replies, I had the music & I couldn't be happier about the result.

So I've put together three little videos now & they display the images beautifully although my video making skills could benefit from some experience. I'm planning on doing more videos this year to highlight some local women who ROCK.  
Then something serendipitous happened.  I've loved Amanda Palmer  for quite some time now & who should be connected to her but Alina Simone.  They are friends & have worked together in the past.  Both inspirational women to me.  I love to see people doing what they love & being successful at it, it makes me really happy.  Amanda is a solo artist but also in a band The Dresden Dolls who toured Oz & N.Z. in the new year.  So it was in early January, I spotted photos of Amanda Palmer sitting up in a tree playing one of her ninja gigs at Occupy Melbourne, in Melbourne of course.  
One of my first thoughts was 'get out of that tree crazy lady, you'll snag your leggings', ha ha.  Luckily photographer Francesco Vicenzi was on hand, his work is amazing check it out here,  , & luckily he seemed to like the 'Walk This Way' leggings, get them here, as he took  few shots focused on them.  Thanks so much Vicenzo.

I was so fricken' excited when I saw these photos, & I think they must have been comfy as Amanda wore them for the rest of the day & even out onto the stage that night.  These next photos were taken by lovely drum prodigy Lisa Waters who got to spent the day hanging out with Brian Viglione.  Thanks Lisa. blog..
I've also been searching this year for a work experience assistant.  There is so much work to do there is no way I can do it all on my own anymore.  This was no easy task either.  I interviewed some really great young women & after a couple of false starts, I think I have found a keeper with super assistant Kaylee.  There's her leggies above,  in a sample pair of purple leggings she took a liking to.  
It has been difficult to say the least, to get my business, this business of 'Shirley', off to a flying start.  I've been working hard on my label for over year now, I couldn't tell you how many hours, a lot.  And I absolutely don't mind the work, I am passionate about what I'm doing & am happy to work hard to achieve my dreams.

  With that end in mind I also launched a crowd funding project to try & get some finance to fund the next collection & keep the business growing.  I  won't reach my target at this rate so please pledge even a dollar & share with all you know.  I really need this but it's worth a try right?  If the target isn't reached none of the pledges are given, or taken for that matter.   Please have a look  Wowser, just realised it's half over, eeek.

So I now find myself on the countdown to my nephews wedding in Melbourne next week.  While there I can't wait to pop into Pony Boy Parlour who stock 'Shirley' meet the lovely owners & check it all out.  

Until then I'm madly trying to get the winter collection ready as when I get back from my leetle trip I'm joining Ruth Flowers,  Mamy Rock at the Met here in Brisbane, March 30 th.  Yeah baby, woo hoo.  Love her.  Another woman who ROCKS well & truly.    'Shirley' will be participating in a fashion show  along side Mamy Rock & I'll be showing a bit of a retrospective along with previewing  the latest Autumn/Winter 2012 Collection.  If you are in Brisbane I really hope you come along.  It's going to be a wild night.  I'll certainly keep you updated.  

Well it's been a great start to the year yes?  I'm really excited to show you  the winter collection as well.  I'm  very happy with it, I think each collection gets better than the last & will be shooting it after the Mamy Rock gig.  OK so that's the news for now, really looking forward to what comes next.  With some of the things that have happened this year so far I've thought 'yay, my hard work is starting to pay off' ,  there is still such  long way to go but I'm enjoying the trip.  XX

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