Friday, January 14, 2011

The Dark & Light

It was raining in Brisbane non stop for a month & a half before the floods hit Every morning waking up to grey was getting old & everything felt wet & mould was growing.

I saw these flowers on Sunday (reduced to $4, gotta love a bargain) & had to take them home to have something sunny to look at.

Then on Monday it was raining so hard I could photograph it.
Tuesday morning I woke to the news of the floods & the water was heading this way.
I was evacuated in the '74 floods & the news brought back all those memories.  It was a little frightening.
It did flood badly in parts of my suburb but we were safe & dry as we're up quite high. Typical of hilly Brisbane.
Houses at one end of a street could be completely submerged & untouched at the other.  It's hard to fathom & this will affect everyone in one way or another.
Now everyone is so keen to just clean up & get things back to the way they were.
Unfortunately that's not possible for some as lives have been lost & families devastated.
Sadly it's brought out the worst in some but thankfully the best in others & thankfully, the latter is the majority. XX

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